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Alexis Baker from Bridgetown MT

Music therapy is a well-established profession, which uses music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of a group or individual. It is an interactive fusion of art and science to accomplish its therapeutic goals of actively engaging both hearts and minds!  Music therapy is conducted by a licensed professional and may incorporate a variety of activities such as singing and listening to melodies, playing instruments, as well as stretching and light physical movements.


Dr. Oliver Sacks, physician, professor of neurology and best-selling author, regards “music therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders because of its unique capacity to organize and reorganize cerebral function when it has been damaged.” Additionally, Dr. Sacks also testifies, “that brain-imaging technology is giving increasing credence to music therapy treatment, which is being used in disorders ranging from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s to autism.”


Music therapist, Alexis Baker of Bridgetown Music Therapy, specializes in treating memory care residents throughout the Portland metropolitan area.  Alexis has a special gift connecting with individuals with memory issues by leading sing-along style music therapy sessions.  During each session, Alexis performs the songs that aging adults know and love.  Walking around the room to greet each resident and playing her guitar, Alexis will lead the group in the beloved songs of their generation.  She will also incorporate light, coordinated body movements to melodies and even pass around hand-held instruments for residents to play along.  It is absolutely delightful to watch Alexis perform for a group of Memory Care residents. She fills the room with energy and wonderful music as she conducts her choir in song and rhythm making. Her talent truly does engage the minds as well as touch the hearts of her audiences.


The Cain Denture Center has had the privilege to work with Alexis over the past few years by contributing as a special sponsor, introducing music therapy to Memory Care Communities on the West Side.  Our office will sponsor Alexis Baker to perform at a Community that is interested in experiencing the positive effects that music therapy sessions can bring to their residents.  All of us here at the Cain Denture Center truly care about our aging loved ones and see them as a very valuable asset to our families and communities. We were hard pressed to discover a better way to help the psychological and physical health of aging adults than to sponsor Alexis’ work. We truly believe that she is a national treasure and we are so honored to sponsor her!



Covid19 has been a tremendous disturbance in bringing much-needed music therapy to our loved ones in isolation.  As the lockdowns have been necessary to preserve physical health and safety in our Memory Care Communities, there have been serious psychological consequences.  Many Memory Care residents have suffered from a lack of interaction from other humans, access to creativity and intellectual stimulation that is needed to promote both physical and emotional health.  Sadly, many people are fading fast under these circumstances.


Alexis Baker felt it her duty to respond to these times by redesigning how music therapy can be brought back into Memory Care Communities. As Communities have been on lockdown, Alexis has not been able to physically enter buildings to perform music therapy sessions. Instead, Bridgetown Music Therapy has used technology to prerecord music therapy sessions for Memory Care Community staff members to facilitate for their residents. Communities can participate in a monthly subscription service to receive new content on a monthly basis and use as often as they like. Better yet, the Cain Denture Centers has continued to serve as a sponsor. We will pay for a full month of Bridgetown Music Therapy content for a Memory Care Community that would like to try it out.


Please visit Bridgetown Music Therapy’s website for further information on their new services.




If you are a Community that would appreciate a trial month of Bridgetown’s new subscription service sponsored by the Cain Denture Center, please contact Alexis Baker.



(503) 974-6729



“We serve aging adults across the country residing in assisted living, memory care, independent living, nursing homes, group homes and private residence.”

“We are using the power of music to make a difference!”

-Alexis Baker


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