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Do your missing teeth make it hard for you to eat or speak clearly? A full set of dentures from Robert Cain, LD at Cain Denture Centers in Hillsboro, Oregon can provide you with an attractive and affordable solution, completely restoring your beautiful smile and allowing comfortable use of your teeth. For your comfort, call or book online to visit the office.

Full Dentures Q & A

What are full dentures?

A full set of dentures replace your entire row of teeth — top, bottom, or both — when they’re missing or extracted by a dentist.

They may be conventional dentures, which are full sets of teeth made for you after your tissues and bones have healed from the removal of your teeth.

Immediate dentures differ from conventional by being able to be placed immediately after teeth are pulled, allowing you to never be without teeth while your mouth heals. They do need more frequent adjustments, but you’re able to start getting used to your new dentures right away.

Another choice is an overdenture, which can be put over a denture implant. At Cain Denture Centers, Robert Cain is highly experienced in collaborating with respected dentists and oral surgeons to create a plan for innovative denture implants.

What causes tooth loss?

Several factors can cause you to lose your teeth. The most common are:

  • Gum disease that causes a loss of bone and tissues that support your teeth        
  • Traumatic injury to the tooth resulting in necrosis
  • Decay of teeth from cavities

How long will my new dentures last?

When you have your smile restored, you feel more confident. Eating and speaking — tasks that can sometimes be taken for granted — become easier with a full denture set.

Dentures can last for a while, but the same set shouldn’t be used for more than five years. If your dentures are kept longer than suggested, they can cause severe problems, like bone loss, misalignment, TMJ, malnutrition and even oral cancer.

Frequent appointments allow your denturist to make adjustments as your mouth changes, preventing the sunken look typically associated with dentures. At Cain Denture Centers, Robert Cain schedules free annual appointments for his clients to maintain their appliances.

These reasons may indicate that it’s time to have your dentures checked:

  • Irritated areas in your mouth
  • Problems with chewing food, indigestion
  • Unappealing facial changes
  • Loose fitting dentures
  • Trouble with talking, lisping, or cheek biting
  • Unpleasant odor or color
  • Oral tissues that are softening or feel “spongy”
  • Bone loss on oral ridges
  • Headaches, neck or ear pain
  • Choosing not to use your dentures

Full dentures are a less expensive and appealing option for replacing lost teeth and supporting sagging facial muscles. To restore your smile, call or make an appointment online with Robert Cain, LD at Cain Denture Centers in Hillsboro, Oregon.