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Have you noticed that your dentures aren’t fitting like they used to? If so, you may need a licensed denturist to perform a repair. In Hillsboro, Oregon, Robert Cain, LD uses the convenience of his in-house lab at Cain Denture Centers to make quick — and in some cases, same-day — fixes to your common denture problems. Call or book online to bring comfort back to your dentures.

Denture Repair Q & A

What causes dentures to break?

Dentures, like all dental appliances, can be broken or bent. The good news is that they’re made from materials that can be repaired by Robert Cain at Cain Denture Centers, restoring the comfortable fit and correct biting surface. The most common types of damage are cracks or chips.

Some causes are:

  • Materials eroding from age
  • Incorrect biting that puts pressure on a particular area of the denture
  • Dropping or bending the denture

How can I prevent accidents with my dentures?

A good rule of thumb is to always handle your dentures over a sink full of water or a soft towel. This will prevent accidental dropping and breaking of the metal or acrylic resin of the device.

Frequently check for changes in your bite or incorrect alignment when you are chewing. It is a great idea to have an annual checkup with your denturist to stay on top of problems before they start.

Why is it important to repair your dentures?

If you have a chip or a crack in your dentures, the tissues surrounding the area can become aggravated, even leading to infection.

The fit is also compromised when the denture is cracked, making chewing and even talking more difficult. It also becomes apparent to others that you are wearing dentures if you have obvious fractures in the teeth or gums of the appliance.

To ensure your dental health and well-being, you should consult with Robert Cain at Cain Denture Centers for a quick solution to any of your denture needs.

What is in-house denture repair?

Having an in-house service allows a licensed technician at Cain Denture Centers to facilitate a fast and professional repair on your dentures. At Cain Denture Centers, the staff is highly experienced and able to serve your repair needs fully.

Often, same-day service is available for simple repairs and adjustments. Minimizing the time without your dentures is not only practical but makes you comfortable that you won’t be missing any more time without your smile.

Robert Cain, LD serves the Hillsboro, Oregon community with quick, attentive service to solve your denture issues. Call the trusted staff at Cain Denture Centers or book online for any denture repair needs.