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If your dentures seem to fit a little less snugly than they used to, it may be time to consider denture relining. At Cain Denture Centers in Hillsboro, Oregon, Robert Cain, LD uses the convenience of his in-house lab to work out a solution for a tighter fit for your dentures. You can make your appointment by calling or simply booking online.

Denture Relines Q & A

What is denture relining?

Denture relining is an easy, cost-effective way to restore the secure fit of your full or partial dentures.

Over time, the shape of your gums and bones will change, leaving gaps between your denture and your gums. Relining adds material to these open areas, restoring a close fit and improving the use and safety of your dentures.

What are the types of denture relining?

Two different types of material can be used for denture relining:

Soft relining

In soft relining, a liquid polymer is applied to build up the areas that show spaces. This procedure is fast and easy, often performed by the denturist in the examination room. Soft relining is used especially for newer denture wearers, as their bones are still changing rapidly.

This type of denture relining is considered more comfortable but may require more fine-tuning, since the material is pliable and may get pushed out of place.

Hard relining

A more rigid material is used for hard relining. This is a more permanent fix, using the same material as the original denture.

In other practices, hard relining can have its disadvantages, as it requires your dentures to be sent out to a lab. At Cain Denture Centers, the in-house lab reduces the amount of time you’re without your dentures.

What are the benefits of denture relining?

  • Cost-effective option compared to a new set of dentures
  • Reduces discomfort from an incorrect bite
  • Prolongs the life of your dentures
  • Tighter and more functional fit

Should I reline my own dentures?

Many kits are available as a solution to fix your dentures when problems arise. If you have taken the time to work on an exact fit with your denturist, you should use the same care when relining your dentures.

However, If your bite is not aligned properly, you can damage your denture irreparably, losing your investment. You can also cause gum inflammation and irritation which could lead to further bite problems and even gum disease. It may be a much safer option to go into the office.

Dentures are a necessary choice for quality of life. They restore chewing surfaces, allowing for improvements in nutrition and digestion. Dentures also support facial muscles that may sag from tooth loss and build confidence by providing a normal and attractive smile.

Because of this, they should fit well and be comfortable for you to use. Trust Robert Cain, LD to provide the best, most affordable option for denture relining. Call Cain Denture Centers for an appointment or simply book online.