Providence ElderPlace PACE Program & the Cain Denture Centers, a successful collaboration



The Cain Denture Centers established a contract with the Providence ElderPlace PACE Program over two years ago. It has proven to be a very successful collaboration for eligible Oregonians. Robert Cain LD has enjoyed caring for the community in a way that he uniquely can, by providing excellent denture care services to ElderPlace participants.


What is the Providence ElderPlace PACE Program?


PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) was established in 1990 as a federally recognized program. This model provides a structure for seniors with chronic care needs to be served within their community whenever possible.

PACE provides comprehensive medical coverage, offering all medically necessary care and services in full for PACE enrollees. It is healthcare made simple, covering all care & services offered by Medicare and Medicaid, with any additional medically necessary care approved by the recipient and their ElderPlace team.

PACE uniquely coordinates healthcare services with an interdisciplinary team of professionals specializing in senior care. They work together with the patient as well as their family members if necessary, to maximally and conveniently deliver needed care. Robert Cain LD of the Cain Denture Centers represents one of the many specialists that integrate his services with the needs of the ElderPlace community.

This collaboration is valuable for the recipient as the ElderPlace healthcare team evaluates the individual holistically and schedules appointments with each provider on behalf of the participant. This coordination of services is truly special as the full spectrum of care is taken into consideration, assessed and coordinated by the ElderPlace team. It truly represents healthcare made simple.


“I have enjoyed witnessing the ElderPlace patients thrive under this system. It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this team of excellent care givers.”

Robert Cain LD



Consider the following narratives and imagine the possibilities with the

Providence ElderPlace PACE Program!

Healthcare Simplified

What if you could have one team to manage all of your healthcare needs – your doctor visits, your medications and even your dental, vision, hearing and foot care. Not only would this team provide all your care, they would also drive you to your appointments. And one more thing, they would invite you to join their social center right at the clinic. You could visit, have lunch, meet with friends, listen to some music and see a doctor all in one trip. This type of care exists and has for over 25 years in our area. It is called Providence ElderPlace, a program of all inclusive care – PACE.

This program is available to you if you currently receive Long Term Care Services arranged through a Medicaid Case Manager. For many people on our program, PACE has given them the support they need to stay in their home.

Steve joined Providence ElderPlace after feeling angry and let down by the health system. He will now tell you, “ElderPlace has changed my outlook on life.”

For Claude and Lucille Providence ElderPlace helped them stay together as their care needs changed. Their care team even hosted a wedding vow renewal ceremony at the social center. Claude and Lucille describe their team at ElderPlace as family.

People join Providence ElderPlace for many reasons. Some join because they want a team that helps coordinate their care. For others it is the relief of knowing that there is a group of caregivers that will be with them for whatever life hands them. And some find having a doctor or nurse that takes time to listen to their concerns and work with them to help them feel better is what matters most.

If you are interested in learning more about this program you can call us at 503-215-6556 or find us online at . When you call we will take the time to answer your questions and share more information about Providence ElderPlace with you.


Joan Corella

Referral Development Specialist

Providence Elderplace




“Robert Cain has provided excellent care for my mother, a Providence Elderplace client. He was very kind and patient while working with my mother, who has advanced dementia. The dentures he provided fit great and look beautiful.

In addition, the front desk staff is friendly and accommodating, from opening the door for us to easily maneuver her wheelchair through the entrance, to a friendly smile and short wait time. The entire process was seamless.”

Melissa Winger



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