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Adebola Adewumi of GymGyz Portland

Meet Adebola Adewumi

Owner of GymGuyz in Portland, Oregon

Adebola is a fellow member of SHARE (Senior Health and Resource Experts). Like all of us here at the Cain Denture Center, Adebola has a genuine passion for caring for aging adults. After learning about his business and specialized skills, we just had to help spread the news about the cool new way that he is bring physical fitness and vitality directly to your doorstep!


Even before the pandemic and social distancing hit our local businesses and neighborhoods, “aging in place” started growing as a rapid trend with more and more of our family members receiving goods, services and even healthcare right at home. As convenient as it is to have next day package delivery through Amazon, or nursing care provided in your own living room… remaining in one’s home has its drawbacks; maintaining physical fitness being one among many.


This is where Adebola Adewumi of GymGuyz mobile fitness service is filling in the gap. Adebola noticed the need to bring healthy exercise and nutrition plans to homebound individuals and decided to do something about it. His business model delivers physical fitness sessions directly to his client’s residence, regardless of wherever it is that they call home. Adebola’s work van is literally a fully stocked fitness facility on wheels! But before we get into the “heavy lifting,” let me tell you about Adebola’s story!


Adebola has an engineering and manufacturing background, working 14 years for Intel.   His fitness journey actually began in the break room of his campus as he started a group fitness & nutrition program for his fellow department employees. He made it fun by making up different exercise & step challenges for teams of people to compete with each other. His coworkers were thrilled with Adebola’s routines as they could easily complete them on their lunch breaks. Soon his department was engaged in the spirit of competition while gaining the benefits of enhanced physical health! It was so well received that Adebola’s department manager helped to promote his fitness challenges as a campus wide program that is still going on today!


Adebola was driven to pursue a career change when his two sons became teenagers. He wanted to create a more flexible work schedule in order to be more present for his boys. While fitness and nutrition was his passion, he didn’t want to open just another gym. Instead, Adebola felt compelled to bring health and wellness to those who needed it the most, the folks that are unable to drive to the gym on a regular basis. After seeking the advise from a franchise consultant, Adebola discovered the GymGuyz brand and business model. Purchasing his own GymGuyz franchise allowed him the opportunity to explore his passion for mobile fitness while freeing up more time to be with his growing boys. In fact, Adebola was the first business owner to bring GymGuys to the state of Oregon!


Today Adebola’s mobile fitness services the Portland Metropolitan area. Adebola is a trained and certified physical fitness trainer that supplies the proper equipment to wherever and whenever it is convenient for his clients. Every workout is customized uniquely to each of his client’s fitness levels and goals. Adebola is capable of working with people regardless of age, ability and experience. No need to own any fitness equipment either: all that is required is a little space. Additionally, no two workouts are ever the same and are always safe, fun and challenging!


Although Adebola works with clients of all ages, he is responding to the aging demographic as he is also certified in very important senior fitness issues such as:

  • Fall prevention
  • Corrective exercise
  • Functional range conditioning

One of his favorite success stories features a brain tumor survivor/wheelchair bound individual that desperately needed to gain upper & lower body strength in order to become less accident-prone and more independent. Click the link below to learn about her amazing story with Adebola’s training!




Although the benefit that Adebola is bringing to seniors is amazing, his overarching goal is to bring fitness to the full spectrum of ages! He can work with anybody, especially those that are just too busy to get to the gym. It’s no problem because he can bring the gym to you! Better yet, there are no minimum appointments or contracts required. Adebola can craft a package special and unique for you. Just give him a call and he will directly answer all of your questions. He is a really friendly person that brings a lot of positive energy into all of his conversations!



Business phone number: 503-716-1222






FB page:






“They come to me and make it work. I have zero excuses when they show up. And now I am starting to show up for myself on my off days at the gym. I work 50 hour weeks and go to school. I need a trainer who can get in where I can fit it in. GYMGUYZ meets that need 100%.”

-Jeannine W




Another great video featuring Adebola Adewumi of GymGuyz Portland, OR










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