Getting Dentures from Fear to Freedom


Dr. Martin Burbano of Pacific Avenue Dental

Getting Dentures from Fear to Freedom.


What you need to know about Immediate Dentures. The Process Will Help You Not Only Improve Your Health But Give you Freedom to Live Your Life with Confidence.

Losing your teeth can be a tragic event. People even have nightmares about it. Getting new dentures for the first time can be really emotional.  My hope in this article is to ease your fear by taking away the unknowns and sharing the process with you. I have been a licensed denturist for over 30 years.

I’ve helped literally thousands of patients, whom have felt a sense of relief once they experience how this transformation can make life better. The nightmare disappears and life goes on with a renewed sense of vitality.

I love what I do because I enjoy seeing my clients experience confidence and freedom with every smile.

Denture technology is an art and science. It’s about connecting with you and designing the best functioning and most comfortable dentures that are uniquely fitted for you.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

First, there are several factors that can contribute to tooth loss. It’s not you. Most tooth loss is a result of a combination of factors like genetics, disease or just an accident.

If you’re facing the life-changing decision of dental extractions, this article is for you.

Below is a technical rundown of what you need to know.


What is an immediate denture?

To put it simply, an immediate denture is a full or partial oral appliance inserted in the mouth, immediately following the removal of natural teeth. Immediate dentures offer patients the benefit of restoring their smile the same day of their extraction surgery. This treatment is recommended to patients who are missing most of their teeth and/or require extractions for remaining teeth. The immediate denture provides a sense of confidence in a patient’s appearance as well as acting like a “band-aid” to help facilitate the post-surgery healing process.


Who Is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for immediate dentures include patients who:

  • Have severe tooth decay or a widespread dental infection
  • Are missing the majority of their teeth
  • Are looking for an immediate solution to tooth loss
  • Have been diagnosed with aggressive periodontal disease and require complete tooth extractions

If you fall into any of these categories, an experienced dentist will conduct a thorough examination and talk you through your options and tell you if you qualify for immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures are a smart way to feel confident and a seamless way to minimize that impact of tooth loss. Did you know immediate dentures improve the appearance of your smile and facial contours? Yes, a great set of immediate dentures will actually make you look younger. Your face literally gets a lift.

A quality set of dentures can provide the following:

  • Take 10 years off your face, providing a youthful appearance & attractive smile
  • Improve chewing and speaking ability
  • Lead to better general health as periodontal disease can manifest in systemic symptoms
  • In other words, folks can feel and look a whole lot better!


Where do you start?

During the initial consultation, a dentist may request digital x-rays for a comprehensive picture of the teeth, gums, and jawbone. These scans will also be used to plan a treatment. This process is a journey. Ask questions so that you’ll feel at ease with what to expect in every step. The good news is you’re not alone, millions of people have dentures and live with confidence and freedom.

Getting a new set of dentures like any other kind of change can be uncomfortable but when all is done, you’ll experience better since of well-being.


Designing the Immediate Dentures

Your natural smile and exquisite function is our goal. The process to get superior immediate dentures is to get molded impressions of your whole mouth. The molds will be taken of your upper and lower arches prior to tooth extraction. These molds will be the foundation of which your dentures will be made. The goal is to carefully make an exact replica of your natural bite so your new dentures will feel good and function well.

In most cases, the turnaround time to design and fabricate the immediate denture(s) is two to three weeks before the surgery is scheduled.


Tooth Extraction and Denture Placement

On the day of your dental extractions, your gums will be numbed using local anesthesia. However, if you are especially nervous about treatment, your dentist may offer stronger forms of sedation. Once the teeth are removed, the immediate denture is placed in your mouth by the dentist.

As your denturist, I will have scheduled a follow-up appointment with you as soon as one day after the surgery. My job is to adjust the denture for comfort and communicate with your dentist regarding your progress.


Follow-Up and Maintenance

There is a tremendous amount of healing taking place and the proper care should be your focus. You should wear your immediate dentures all the time for the first several days. Removing the denture beforehand could cause gums to swell, disrupting the healing process and making it difficult to reinsert. Several follow up appointments will be scheduled with my office to keep an eye on the tissue and adjust for any discomfort. Temporary soft lining material may be applied to the tissue-side of the denture to adjust for comfort and a snug fit. My job is to take care of your needs while your tissue heals, upwards of six months.

After tooth loss or extraction, your gums and jawbone will naturally begin to recede. Regular check-ups will allow me to monitor your results and replace linings as needed. Six to 12 months after your gums heal, a permanent liner can be designed and inserted into the denture to improve the fit. In some cases, a new permanent denture is made from scratch to accommodate the radical changes in the mouth. Either way, I will ensure the maximal fit, feel and function of your dentures!


The Importance of Choosing the Best Providers

As a licensed denturist, the scope of my practice is limited to removable oral appliances only. This means that I do not perform any invasive procedures, such as teeth extractions for instance.

I refer my patients only to the dentists that I personally trust and know their work to be the highest of quality.

Dr. Martin Burbano at Pacific Avenue Dental is the best when it comes to general dentistry and immediate denture care in Forest Grove Oregon.

I have worked closely with Dr. Burbano and his team. My patients consistently give their office 5-star reviews in excellent service and personal patient care.

Pacific Avenue Dental is truly one of the friendliest offices out there and my patients have benefited tremendously. Check them out at


“It’s estimated that 40 million Americans are missing all their teeth. Losing all of one’s teeth can be psychologically taxing to someone’s well-being.  People can feel a sense of isolation like you’re the only one in the world going through these struggles. Teeth are incredibly personal. They help when eating and also when communicating with those most important to us, and when they are missing or damaged, they can affect how we see ourselves.  In their absence one can feel like it’s a great loss: our teeth can represent an important facet of our lives.

As a practicing dentist for over 20 years, I have found it paramount to create a close relationship with dental lab specialists who share a similar ethical standard and passion for patient care. It’s one of the most important relationships a dentist can have. I was fortunate enough to be a dental lab technician prior to becoming a dentist and I feel this gave me a tremendous advantage as a dental provider as it helped me to understand the importance of establishing a close relationship with someone I could trust and who shares the same attention to detail to patient care that I give to my patients.  I created such a relationship with one of the best denturist I know, Bob Caine.  His attention to detail along with his calming and empathetic nature are a few of the reasons why I appreciate working so closely with Bob Caine. The process of getting dentures can be a scary one, however, it doesn’t have to be when you find the right dental professionals to take care of your specific needs.”




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