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Getting a new set of dentures isn’t exactly the most popular topic for discussion at a cocktail party; but maybe it should be.  Do you want to know why?  It’s because a properly designed set of new dentures can take years off of one’s appearance! It can be the fountain of youth for some folks out there.  I’ve spent the past 40 years of my life and career mastering the art and science of crafting dentures that can turn back the hands of time and freshen up a denture wearer’s face and smile.

Dentures have a stigma for old age.  But people of all ages wear dentures.  There are several reasons for tooth loss that have nothing to do with a person’s age. Unfortunately, a possible consequence of receiving a full set of dentures can age one’s appearance, regardless of how old they are.

As a denture provider, I am tasked with the challenge of sculpting oral anatomy back into existence; the very infrastructure that the facial muscles and tissues are supported by. If the dentures are not optimally designed, the face appears older.  Dentures literally support a major portion of the face!

If the corners of your mouth are starting to turn downwards while you’re at rest, it’s a good indication that it’s time for a new set of dentures!  Let me elaborate.




You may already have a pair of dentures that seem to work.  But are they keeping you looking young?  In the 4 decades of making dentures, I am here to tell you that a new set of properly designed dentures could take 10 years off your face.  Let me tell you how this works.  The jawbones naturally shrink away to a lower and lower level once the teeth are removed.  This is the main reason the face will take on a withered look for the denture wearer.

5 signs that your dentures are no longer doing their job:

  • Downturn lips
  • Sunken distance between the nose and chin
  • Hallow cheeks
  • Sagging jowl line
  • Thinning lips

As a denturist, I see people as an artist. I see their structural beauty. I can spot the subtle details that change an aging face into a more youthful look. And, I witness the simple freedoms and confidence gained with restorative dentures.




Lets talk about getting that decade back. Restoring your face and appearance starts with rebuilding the infrastructure.

When I craft new dentures that reverse the signs of aging, my goal is to restore volume and structure to my patient’s face.  The infrastructure that once existed naturally will be designed, engineered and hand crafted to help fill out the face and properly support the overlying facial tissues.

Your replacement set of dentures from the Cain Denture Centers will:

  • Fill out the cheeks
  • Lengthen the distance between the nose and chin
  • Draw the corners of the lips up
  • Fill out the lips again
  • Soften those lines around the mouth
  • Get rid of that nasty jowl line!

All of these benefits are surgery free!  No botox injections, fillers or expensive skin-care products required!




As much as we don’t like to admit it, we are all judged by our smiles.  Especially if it is blaringly obvious that someone is wearing a denture!  Right off the bat, that person is assumed to be “old.”

We are all familiar with the caricature of the poor-unfortunate soul wearing a set of terrible dentures:

  • Oddly colored, worn-out teeth
  • Chipped or broken off bits
  • Over-sized “chicklet” front teeth
  • Lisping speech
  • Forced, unnatural smile

These individuals just don’t look or feel the same way they did when they had their original teeth. The secret to crafting a beautiful smile with a set of dentures is to make them look as natural as possible! As a denturist, it is my goal to make a denture that doesn’t look at all like a denture.  I want my patient’s dentures to go unnoticed.  In other words, their dentures will blend in so beautifully with the rest of their face, they pass for natural teeth.

My patients are free to smile, free to look and feel like themselves again.




Equal to the youthful appearance of a new set of dentures is their functional success.  It is one thing to look good, but can a person eat, talk, sing and live with them as well?  This is where my expertise in crafting dentures can really make a difference in someone’s day.

Properly engineered dentures will help you:

  • Chew properly
  • Get good, balanced nutrition for overall health
  • Speak without lisping or biting your cheek
  • Stay put with minimal movement
  • Preserve oral tissue and bone health
  • Help you look younger longer

It is not an easy task to create a successful pair of youthful-looking dentures.  I always advise patients to do their proper due diligence when considering a denture provider.  Not all providers are equal.  If you’d like to learn more about my offerings at the Cain Denture Centers, please call today for a free consultation.  I am always happy to address any questions or concerns!


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