Dental Implants and Dentures. How can they make a difference in your life?



Hi, my name is Bob Cain. I am a licensed denturist practicing in Hillsboro Oregon. What is a licensed denturist you ask? Simply put, I make dentures and I love it. I’ve dedicated the past 35 years learning how to make the absolute best pair of dentures for each and every one of my patients. During this time I have witnessed the dental implant industry come a long way and become more accessible and affordable for folks. I am frequently asked how dental implant-supported dentures can make a difference in the everyday life of a denture wearer. This article simply and quickly explains the top three major advantages that implants can offer a good candidate for dental implants:


  • The dentures stay in place as they are secured to posts


  • Eating is easier & food tastes better


  • They fit for a longer time & prevent further bone loss


If you are considering making an investment in implant-supported dentures, this article is for you!


What are Dental Implants exactly?


Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone, acting as the tooth root. Essentially, a dental implant is a metal post that replaces the root portions of missing teeth. Digital Imaging is used to determine the precise location of nerves, bone, and sinuses. This will ensure the ideal placement of the implants as well as their long-term success. Over a 2-6 month period, the surrounding bone then heals around the titanium screw creating a strong bond. Acrylic dentures are then crafted to snap onto the dental implants providing a stable base. A regular denture merely rests on the gums and is not supported by implants. This is the fundamental difference an implant-supported denture will provide for a denture patient; a denture stabilized by secure metal posts vs. resting on top of the tissue.


Top 3 Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures:


  • They actually stay in place!


Whenever I meet a new patient, the number one complaint I hear about their old dentures is that they are much too loose and they never stay in place, especially the lower denture. Although I am able to create secure and stable replacement dentures for most of my patients, there is a certain percentage that can benefit from the advantages of implant-supported dentures. These individuals have experienced shrinkage of their jawbones over the years to the point that they cannot go a single day without using an excessive amount of denture adhesive. Living with an ill-fitting pair of dentures can place unreasonable limitations on people’s lives. Not only do they lose the ability to enjoy the foods they love, but they also do not socialize as much as they’d like to out of fear of an embarrassing loose denture incident. A denture that stays put gives these individuals their freedom back as they can eat, chew, speak and laugh with confidence knowing that their dentures will work for them!


  • Folks can eat and taste their food better!


With greater stability comes greater chewing ability where dentures are concerned. Denture-wearers are oftentimes able to eat a broader spectrum of foods with implant-supported dentures: steaks, apples, salads and so forth. Additionally, the plastic palate on the upper denture can be entirely eliminated with implants, thereby exposing the taste buds on the roof of one’s mouth. Food naturally becomes more palatable and flavorful. As the bandwidth of one’s culinary choices opens up, often times their social life does as well! We are social creatures and a great deal of life is focused around a table. When food becomes attractive again, more socializing naturally follows.


  • They fit for a longer period of time and prevent bone loss!


Without teeth to support the bone in the jaw, the body absorbs the bone tissue and the process does not stop. Over time bone loss can lead to easily broken bones, a sunken face, and dentures that are harder to wear if not frequently remade. At some point, the bone loss will reach the point of no return in which the individual is no longer a viable candidate for implants and the bone is just too thin to support a denture anymore. Dental implants can prevent this paradigm from happening as the titanium posts take the place of the missing root tips thereby preserving the bone of the upper and lower jaws. Assuming that the denture-patient follows the proper dental hygiene guidelines, the implant-supported dentures will offer a longer-lasting fit and feel.


Sooo, What Providers should you trust?


There is a broad range of implant-supported denture providers out there. I always recommend my patients to perform the proper due diligence to ensure that they are in good hands. It can be difficult to know who you can trust.

As the scope of my license is limited to designing & crafting removable oral appliances, like dentures, I work with the area’s best dentists and oral surgeons to perform the dental work necessary for healthy, top-quality dental implants. During a consultation with me, I will recommend the dentist or oral surgeon that will best fit your needs. We work together as an interdisciplinary team, helping you along each step of the way. You can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and that your care team is always available for you!


Have more questions? I’d love to chat with you about them. Call my office for a free consultation and bring your list of questions! (503) 640-2312







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